Stressless Parents – the STORY

Generally, people prefer to hear a short story, but we are all story lovers (no matter if you’re a child or an adult). In this post, I am going to tell you the long story behind this project, behind Stressless Parents. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for Stressless Parents – the STORY.

“I want more” feeling

Do you know that feeling that you can do more, you want more, but the environment doesn’t “let you”?

I lived with this feeling for many years, and I remember being so stressed about it!

My life was about more than just going to work day in and day out and waiting for retirement to start enjoying life. I wanted MORE!

Being employed, mostly in the government / public sector, I remained stuck with the “feeling” that it does not depend on you! You have to go with what they give you, and just FIT in; you are either with us or against us. 

Even if you want to make things better, bureaucracy kills you. And the right ideas, if accepted (hardly), will stack up on your job description. And you have to continually FIGHT with the system to promote your plan (s).

Besides that, the environment and the work I was doing was very stressful, and I ended up twice in the emergency room with stress-induced very high blood pressure, until I said IT’S ENOUGH. I already started to feel the negative impact stress has on my health and my wellbeing, and I decided it was time for a change.

A dream may have come true – first step towards Stressless Parents

I took parental leave with my second child, and, while home with her, I started documenting about what else I could do. I learned a lot, I invested much in me, and I become more and more versatile in web programming (having a bachelor in Computer Science was a big plus).

So, when the parental leave ended, thinking about my two children (at that time), about my big dreams and considering I felt like I have the power and the desire to fulfil them, I resigned and took my fate in my hands. Being an IT professional, it was not very difficult for me to find work as a freelancer. I worked from home, with whom I wanted, WHEN I wanted, in terms negotiated by joint agreement.

For many, it may seem like a dream come true. But in a short time, I realized I was getting “de-socialized”. I was losing contact with the world, and to me, it was very stressful, as I am a social person! Besides, in the long run, I was doing nothing but exchanged MY TIME for OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY … and thus I was to remain “connected” to my office chair … and again I realized that it didn’t depend on me.

Honestly, feeling tied down to my chair and not having a clear long-run solution that would get me out of there was very stressful for me. It was profoundly affecting me and even my family relations to always picture myself as long programming hours in front of my desk. We were so far away from being Stressless Parents.

Next level – entrepreneurship

So, I decided I need to go to the next level. Using an idea that I was “cooking” for a while, I started my own business, by setting up photo booth services! It was SUPER! Lot of work, investments, work, studies, work and, let’s not forget: WORK. Not really having the money to hire others, I had to do the work myself. And it was worth it, as it turned out a success. 

Stressless Parents - the family

It was not a stressless period. I may have experienced the most stress during this time, and probably made the most parenting mistakes, but I was doing it because I loved it. I often felt like the family paid too much for the price of success, but the business still exists now, and it is going well (I do not complain or boast). Yet again, after three years in business, I realized that: 

  • all I would do is a seasonal business – the incomes are not very high nor stable over time
  • it took a lot from my time with family, especially during summer
  • I am in the grip of the labour force (in fact of its lack)
  • it depends too much on those who lead us (I am not involved politically, but I pay attention to what happens on the political scene)
  • I was more involved in managing the business than I would have liked

Basically, with only a few benefits, I was again in the dilemma that it didn’t depend on me. I started to lack pleasure in what I was doing, I felt stressed about the business, and couldn’t find joy in everyday life. I pretty much got very stressed again about where would this lead to, and the whole family felt it. We were getting further away from becoming Stressless Parents.

So… what’s next?

While building my photo booth business, I started looking for other possibilities and opportunities. This way, I have found Network Marketing. I do not want to get into details, it’s enough to say that I have found great challenge in it, a perfect way to cope and manage stress and the best environment to develop my abilities. 

It may not have been the smoothest journey, but it eventually has lead to this project. 

“Stressless Parents” is the result of my understanding that if I do not want to feel stressed, I need to do something of value. Money is only a mean, I needed to stop doing things for money (like having a job, or a business for the money it produces). It is how we humans are constructed… if we have a driving force (in my case the idea to help others, to be significant in the life of others), we tend to overcome any obstacles and find that stress can be even useful. This is how I have found out that Stressless Parents is about “the mission”.

Stressless Parents – The mission

This is how I (and my family along my side), ended up with having a purpose. And this is the mission of Stressless Parents. “To help all stressed parents around the world reduce the stress in their lives – start enjoying and making a LIFE instead of making a living.”

We have found our way, and we are here to help you along your journey. You can learn from our advice and, the best thing, we ALL can learn from EACH OTHERS experience.

Because Stressless Parents is a Community… it’s not about us, but it is about you ALL.

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